I felt so good, like anything was possible

I felt so good, like anything was possible

There are lots of changes happening over at Realm and along with them some noted language to change. Realm is no longer simply a ONE woman show, it is now a gigantic TWO person team. A few months ago I successfully convinced my partner in all things, Hanson Little, to join me in the studio at Realm full time, which has allowed me the freedom to not only take back a few weekends but also move toward some bigger long term goals and rework some Realm practices that needed a bit of TLC. Hanson and I come from very different backgrounds- where my instincts are deeply rooted in a conceptual studio art practice, his are more mechanical, technical, and practical. While I close my eyes and dream about colors, textures, and creating a mess of patterns, he sees upgraded closures, shipping solutions, and sensible organizational options. Hanson brings with him a breadth of knowledge about what it takes to run an online mail order store as well as many ideas about ways that we can upgrade our bags and materials so that they last a lifetime. It is a relief to me to have his input around the studio helping me invest in some tech to make things run smoother, better, and faster. While we are still slammed with orders to send out the door, this has provided a little bit of extra time and energy at Realm and hopefully you have already noticed the positive change and forward momentum that I feel happening around the studio.

Another change at Realm directly related to the inclusion of Hanson is the creation of Dark Realm- a new direction in the lineup of bags and accessories we offer. Where Realm is fun and fanciful, Dark Realm is day-to-day and utilitarian. Though there will definitely be overlaps between the two lines, Dark Realm is the banner under which we will attempt to solve practical travel and transportation needs through the same fun-seeking perspective by which we make all Realm products. We started with the Wald Basket bag, an item that can easily transition with you from your bike to the grocery store and keep all of your valuables safely cushioned within it. The response has been awesome and we are so happy to see everyone using it gleefully on their bikes. Expect to see more backpacks, cycling accessories, and luggage options made to withstand daily wear and tear.  Take a look at the new Dark Realm page and let me know what you think!

Finally, I have a lot of ideas and thoughts that I have not yet been putting a concerted effort into getting them out on my blog. Though Realm is technically MY “baby” I have always considered it the product of my vibrant community of creative, hilarious, and brilliant friends. I’m planning on rolling out several features through the blog to to introduce you to some of the minds I have the pleasure of interacting with and looking up to around me, starting with a fabulous retro Halloween centric playlist and interview with my favorite vinyl pusher- Found Object- next week. So stay tooned!


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