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I love LOVE (the Valentine's Mix)

all photos by Though Valentine's day is generally a thoroughly detestable holiday, it does provide an excellent opportunity for a guest mix created around one of my favorite musical genres: the LOVE song! This month I asked Mariama Ndure, incredible singer herself and one of the taste makers behind record label Orbital Mechanix, to make a mix of some of her favorite love songs and answer some pressing questions.  Born in Norway to Gambian immigrants, singer-songwriter Mariama has always been deeply connected with her West-African roots. She is a highly regarded vocalist and performer who has gained prominence for her work opening up for big industry names like Talib Kweli, M1 of Dead Prez, KRS-One, The Wailers, Toubab Krewe...

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It's the best month of the year...

October is an incredibly special month for vintage spooky kooky inspiration. To fully celebrate it I asked my long-time friend and well trusted sonic tastemaker, Robbie Carroll, to create a Halloween themed mix for us to enjoy. Robbie is the brains and brawn behind Found Object, a vinyl and tape focused record label pressed in LA and run out of Austin, TX. I’ve been asking Robbie for music recommendations and special mixes since freshmen year of high school. He’s always had his ear to the ground and a knack for picking out the perfect sounds for the occasion. While living in LA he deepened his love of music while working at a vinyl pressing company and subsequently started Found Object...

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I felt so good, like anything was possible

There are lots of changes happening over at Realm and along with them some noted language to change. Realm is no longer simply a ONE woman show, it is now a gigantic TWO person team. A few months ago I successfully convinced my partner in all things, Hanson Little, to join me in the studio at Realm full time, which has allowed me the freedom to not only take back a few weekends but also move toward some bigger long term goals and rework some Realm practices that needed a bit of TLC. Hanson and I come from very different backgrounds- where my instincts are deeply rooted in a conceptual studio art practice, his are more mechanical, technical, and practical....

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DIY Embroidery Workshop at American Apparel

Hosting DIY workshops is one of my favorite out of studio activities, and this month I had the pleasure of teaching hand embroidery at the Austin, Tx downtown American Apparel. We had a great group of participants who designed and embroidered their own patches and tote bags (courtesy of AA). Check out my interview with American Apparel HERE and see photos from the event by Hanson Little below.    See more of Hanson Little's photos HERE SaveSaveSave

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