REALM is the brainchild of Vanessa Crook, a fashion school dropout creating textile and apparel work in Austin, TX. With a degree in studio art and anthropology she focused her studies on soft sculpture and textiles, constantly incorporating heritage craft and needlepoint into her work. She has since turned her love of making into a more serious and commercial endeavor, attempting to turn visual whims into functional products. Having been a lifelong craft dabbler with a flair for flamboyant fashion and interior decoration, she began making items for her own home and wardrobe and with some encouragement from friends, selling them online.

Realm is an evolving creative process that started out as dyed and embroidered bedding and came to include bags, clothing, and accessories. Though Realm started out as a true one woman show, through hard work it has grown to have some extra helping hands in the studio embroidering and constructing the bags as well as coming up with new ideas and directions for the line. Through this growth, the main thrust of Realm continues to be to create any and all items that make sense in the journey to seek fun. When the inspiration strikes, we make it happen.

As the line continues to grow, we still love to take on custom projects, direct DIY dye and embroidery workshops, and collaborate with other makers. If you have an idea for a custom piece get in touch


The Team:

Vanessa Crook- lover of messes, pattern clashes, bumper sticker jokes, fan of strong willed unapologetically funny women.


Hanson Little- cycling aficionado and lover of specialty hardware. Master organizer and timeline realist.

hanson little