REALM is the brain child of Vanessa Crook, a fashion school drop-out creating textile work in Austin, TX. With a degree in studio art and anthropology; she focused her studies on soft sculpture and textiles, constantly incorporating heritage craft and needlepoint into her work. She has since turned her love of making into a more serious endeavor, attempting to turn visual whims into functioning products.

By experimenting with dye work- finding unique processes and color combinations through research, trial and error, Vanessa created bedding pieces- blankets, pillows, shams. Then embroidering on these products, using patterns of sacred geometry as well as designs of her own to create lovely one of a kind pieces for the home. Vanessa often does custom commissioned bedding for clients- sheet sets and blankets, collections of pillows for a specific room etc. From bedding, she expanded into bags- wanting to create pieces that you can nest in or bring with you into the world.

A lover of process, Vanessa creates pieces based on the direction of each textile, the inspiration of a picture, or a story overheard. Her way of creating graphics draws on that love of one liners and playfulness, acting on impulse and drawing heavily from her sketch books. The pieces that are not hand embroidered are created from her own hand drawings. Constantly leaving herself notes for pieces to create- "embroider ghost tip-toeing" or "planet with rings and lettering." The bags are mostly pieces she has been imagining for a long time.

REALM is truly a one-woman show. Vanessa makes every pattern, every textile, and every embroidery from start to finish in her little work shop. She loves spending time on each piece and creating one of a kind little gems. If you have an idea for a custom piece get in touch.