Dark Realm Wholesale

Thank you so much for your interest in carrying our line of goods. All bags are cut, sewn, and constructed in-house in our Austin, TX studio. Wholesale orders generally ship out within 10 business days of ordering, but larger orders can take longer. Estimated delivery date will be communicated when orders are placed.

Please see our order terms below before placing a wholesale order with us. All orders will be subject to review by our team and terminated if they fail to meet our wholesale order criteria and terms. We are happy to answer any questions that you have, please drop us a line: Hanson@shop-realm.com.

  • Use code WHOLESALEBUYER at check out to submit an invoiced order with payment due on delivery. 
  • Use code PAIDUP to pay now and receive 5% off
  • Shipping cost will be calculated and invoiced once orders are placed and processed
  • Free domestic shipping/reduced international shipping on orders over $500

Basket Bag Order Terms and Info:

  • 3 Bag order minimum, any combo of colors and sizes 
  • High-density closed-cell latex foam sewn into all areas that contact the basket to maintain shape, reduce noise & protect delicate cargo - Adjustable buckles are meant to attach the bag to Wald baskets, but can potentially secure to any number of front racks. -Roll top closure, independent of basket/rack attachment, lets you securely ride with the bag fully open when needed. -Internal handles turn the bag into a full-volume tote for when the ride is over, but are sewn to lay flat and unobtrusive when not in use.