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GIVE UP crossbody bag

GIVE UP crossbody bag

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WILL SHIP WITHIN 24 HOURS.  This one means a lot. Despite not knowing the person behind Give Up until we started sharing studio space, I felt like we had known each other for decades. As a young BMXer/trespassing enthusiast, nearly every forgotten corner of Texas that I’d stick my nose into would have creative evidence that Give Up had already been there. For yearrrrrs. Omnipresent was the best descriptor, but in a good way. Every tag, slap, pasting and painting was reassuring proof that SOMEONE out there, whoever it was, saw this state the same way that I did.

Working together on this project was so natural that it barely felt like a “collaboration.” Everyone in the studio just kinda voiced the same thing all at once, and that unison took this form. A material confirmation of the thoughts that preceded: Cut the lock, step through the fence, leave your mark, find your people.

-waterproof xpac exterior fabric

-water resistant exterior zippers

-bright water resistant interior

-interior pockets both zippered and quick access slip style, sized to fit a few markers and a stack of usps priority mailer labels

-fidlock magnetic waist buckle

-exterior cargo straps for extra portage or cinching the bag slim

Art and printing Give Up, fabric dye and construction by Realm.

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